Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You have to love 'em

I just spotted one of our managers. Not my manager - another known-to-me manager. He's the kind of person who, if he weren't a manager, I'd call a sweetheart.

Well sod that anyway: he's a sweetheart.

Not that I know him of course; it is an entirely superficial judgement. Nor do I have a special desire to change that. It's just that he is all soft-spoken and polite and somewhat reserved and it's just...endearing. Anyway so he was just standing here and I thought, aw, what a sweetie. Not like our Resident Canadian, who I actually really don't know but just like for being, well, Canadian and short and cute. The Canadian is the one that I would want to have babies with (manner of speaking of course, no worries Adam) if I didn't already have an outstanding genepool* at hand. No, this man I just find platonically endearing.

What is it that makes you love someone just like that, for no particular reason?
Can someone explain?

The most bewildering thing, I just realised, is when people you love sprout new endearing things. You've known them for so long that you are used to the traits that make them loveable. You hardly even notice anymore. And then one day you're sitting on the bus and suddenly someone you've known for years hums Animal Nitrate, the most unhummable song in the world, and you have to start loving them all over again.

*Is it, I wonder, depreciating to refer to my lover as a genepool? Personally I like to think of it as a compliment, because he really does have a splendid set of genes from the looks of things. I'll catch up on being sweet and sentimental some other time.