Monday, February 06, 2006

The best thing ever

I've been doing push-ups and sit-ups. It's all vanity as the Bible says but I do want to at least feel a bit more trim for the engagement reception and what with my back injury and general stiffness since I have not been doing much for a while now.

I've been dancing to Johnny Cash and cleaning my windows. It's a good combination and does change your outlook. I don't want too much last-minute mess when I move out of my flat, and besides, it clears the head and keeps the hips supple.

I've been giggling on the phone and planning my time, going to the post office and faxing paperwork. Things are starting to move, and it feels good.

I've been skating and going to movies, I've been catching up on dinners and drinks with friends. I've been enjoying the last of this Hungarian year (and a bit), and loving it, but looking forward to leaving. It will be great to be home with my family, to go to my parents' for the weekend, to play with my sister's kids, to see my friends. Most of al though, I am looking forward to the great adventure. It looks like the paperwork is not worrying me so much and now I just can't wait to go over, to stand in Brussels airport trembling, carrying some gigantic suitcase. I can't wait to be bored out of my wits on the plane over, to be nervous through immigration and to collapse in my lover's arms.

Since I was about 18, my life has always looked reasonably good to me, and always with the potential for adventure. This year I have felt a lot like I'd lost that, and I can't say how good it feels to feel like that again. It's not so simple now, not as simple as it was nine years ago, but then it is also a much bigger adventure. It's been a scary year, and I can only hope that I have learnt something from it for this Next Big Jump.

Meanwhile, I'm as enthusiastic as the above baby elephant.

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