Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This time next week I will be sitting behind the desk at my dad's house, listening to Bach and drinking coffee. It's a real bugger that according to my nutrition beliefs coffee is the devil, because I love coffee, I adore it, that one cup a day. Just the one cup. Hm. It makes me so much more well-equipped to face my day of corporate drudgery and personal hassle (both of those are temporary states caused by my move).

When I give up on my temporary bad habits (bad food, erratic sleeping, no exercise), I will not give up coffee. To hell with the Optimum Nutrition Bible. There is only so much I will sacrifice. I'll just go swimming instead, ok?


perelaar said...

Coffee is good. I couldn't live without coffee. Preferable with some chocolate. Yes.
How do you manage with just one cup?

And you know, you're always welcome to drink our coffee in Brussels! We even discovered a place that serves a decent "vlaai" with your coffee!

TDEC said...

Oh no fair mentioning vlaai...I'm hungry now...