Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fit and happy (or something like it)

My feeding patterns are erratic lately, and having read all the right nutrition books I know this is not helping me manage stress.

Today's lunch:

- a cream cheese bagel*
- an organic ginger bar
- organic vegetable juice

I have also started taking iron pills again. This should have occured to me earlier, prone as I am to anemia. One day you wake up and you realise that for days now you have been tired and grumpy, ready to cry. I was starting to wonder if this was depression sneaking in when I realised that last time this happened it turned out that in fact I had less than a third of the minimal iron requirement, and was feeling all chirpy within two days of starting the pills. Pity about the two preceding months. At least this time I am moving a bit faster.

I am counting on Belgium for putting my life in order, I guess. Regular balanced meals, family, a bit more relaxation.

On the way to the organic foodshop (you might have guess that is where I went over lunch) I walked into a second hand bookshop and bought Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. Elvis's favourite book. I am curious, especially considering that I am now without a doubt hitting the ethical/spiritual dilemmas with a vengeance. Ethics and spirituality are my bad conscience; much like with the food and exercise, I know I should, but never actually accomplish much.

*It looks like a Starbucks, it smells like a Starbucks, the food and drinks are the the same but the service, ah, the service is all Hungarian

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Anonymous said...

"The Prophet" is definitely worth buying. I'm a bit surprised to hear it was Elvis' favorite, but what the heck - it's really good, and one of my favorites. (Come to think of it, perhaps June Carter Cash had a copy in "Walk the Line" because of Elvis.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. The parts about marriage and love are wonderful, especially since you're planning a wedding. I look forward to meeting you when you finally make it to the states. - Drek's SGf