Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A good cause

My corporate employer has had a good 2,5 years out of me. I have been a dutiful employee to a not-too-bad company. It has the moral flaws of all giants, but it's not Exxon. It has no sweatshops, no record of massive pollution. When I joined I felt like I was selling my soul (I am always dramatic); now that I am leaving I am reconsidering the ethics of an employer. I'm not too black and white, and very few employers are truly and fully ethical as far as my view of the world is concerned. Neither am I. It would be good, though, to work in somewhere that is a bit more socially aware, a bit more environmentally sound. Like Oxfam. I would love to work for Oxfam. Moreover, I have just found a job I would be qualified for in the Belgian branch. The question is, again, an ethical one - can I really apply for a job that will only be able to do for a limited amount of time? I couldn't possibly tell them beforehand, and yes, as I mentioned, I would love to work there and as it would be a temporary thing the salary would be no issue at all.

Of course I could apply and face the dilemma if they call me up.

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