Monday, February 27, 2006

The home country

I am back in Belgium. This is somewhat odd, but in a good way. I wonder where I should leave my stuff.

I am at my dad's house for the next couple of days. This too is odd. I can hear the church bells in the morning, and it's really quiet at night and my bed is a proper four poster bed. I have allergies because for some reason Belgium does that to me.

My dad is doing pilates (at this moment, in a corner). I didn't even know this. Which reminds me that I need a yoga class, don't I.

Oooh sleepy though...

There is soup in the fridge, homemade of course. I am going to warm some up, work, and enjoy the goodness of life.


Slag said...
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Slag said...

Yay, thanks for linking to a Dutch flag site!


(note that "Slag" rhymes with "Flag," moosehaha)

perelaar said...

Welcome back! Party will follow.

perelaar said...

Upon seeing the image of the four poster bed, I can't help wondering - why the fur?