Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am listening to Beethoven's fifth symphony.

Contrary to popular listening patterns, I have actually rarely listened to it, though I am deeply devoted to Ludwig*. From a very young age I have been indoctrinated to like baroque music, and the less...loud** music. I mean, perhaps, less large. As a consequence I know Beethoven's concertos better, his sonatas.

We have now moved on to number six, the "Pastoral", which is a bit less violent.

You know what? I like loud music, especially brilliant, passionate, all-out music and the fifth certainly is all that.

I don't , on the other hand, like Colin Firth anymore. I wonder why that is.

*In spite of the muchness of classical music pervading my youth, I actually have to admit that my love of Ludwig was kickstarted by Gary Oldman in Immortal Beloved. Not a very good movie but obviously wonderful music and oooh Gary Oldman.
**My father mostly plays the harpsichord. Harpsichords are many things, but loud they are not.

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