Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Today is not the day for a nice, coherent post - there are too many things going on in my head.

1. Shredders: there is a symbol on our shredders indicating that you must not shred ties or jewellery. Apparently some people conduct their personal vendettas by shredder. A strange and mystifying thought.
Related thought: I hate my job at the moment. It has gone from quite interesting to mind-bogglingly boring. Was I stupid to offer to stay on the extra time?

2. Last night I hardly slept, not sure why. My potential reasons are a bit of a mixed bag: anger at Hungarian telephone company (don't even ask), anger at landlord (no, you can't ask about that either), lingering and, it now seems, unfixable toothache; anger about said toothache, as well as with dentist(s). Called fiancé, which helped. Late night calls are one of the few perks of this transatlantic romance.

3. This article . A hundred people. One hundred people. 8 to 12 tortured to death. Why are people not more upset about this? Is this being reported on?

4. It's spring in Budapest. Really quite lovely. Blue skies and temperature well above freezing.


perelaar said...

When searching on CNN, the issue was not even listed...

Slag said...

The fact that the American media won't report on this story is an effect of Fox News. CNN and other networks are afraid that if they cover stories that put America or Bush in a bad light, Fox News will accuse the other networks of being too liberal, being terrorist sympathizers, blah blah blah. The networks are afraid that this will lead to them losing viewers to Fox News. The same thing happens to a slightly lesser extent with print media.

So, Fox News's ideology gets pushed onto the entire U.S. media as a purely business decision.

Sometimes I think Fox News is the worst thing ever to happen to the U.S.

Since the media won't cover this important and disturbing story, I think we have to spread it as widely as possible. If you get a chance, you should post it on TD also.

Evan said...

I saw the BBC article as well. It wasn't reported in the Canadian newspapers. Sad state of affairs, as if this administration couldn't sink any lower
(See "I'm sorry Dick Cheney shot me in the face").

Jessica usually asks me, after news like this, why Americans aren't rioting in the streets and starting a revolution. I usually have lame answers like "the story isn't being covered here," "Americans by and large don't trust foreign news nor give it any of their time," and "If the story made it over, it would be denounced as Anti-American and spun until all sense had departed. Our news is no longer based in facts but feelings thanks to Fox News."

Her usual reply is "You know, you are from a strange country, right? Like the Soviet Union with better shopping and no internal purges yet, right?"

My retort is usually lame as well..."62% of our budget is spent on militarism. We don't have money for social welfare programs like Canada, which spend 3% on defense because they know America will defend Canada by proxy." America is a giant machine, and individual voters have a tiny bit of power, which they have been abdicating as of late. At the very least, Americans have been using their political power based on "how they feel" instead of on facts, reasoning, or forethought.

The international situation, especially the US, is always desparate. As for not sleeping, you probably have Spring fever.

Evan said...

I know I do. And I can't wait to get back to Toronto in March. I'm Canada-legal now!!

TDEC said...

aaaah!! that's great!! you finally made it through the evil immigration machine! I'm envious, but very pleased for you.

TDEC said...

Btw, let me just say that this post has generated the best responses ever. You guys rock. Unlike Fox.

Drek said...

Hey! Congratulations! You actually referred to Slag by his "title" without flinching! You should celebrate.

Also: thanks for cross-posting the BBC story. I am, frankly, appalled.