Friday, February 24, 2006

More fun with shredders

This afternoon I have been shredding all of my corporate papers. My new starter training. My own notes from giving training. I have long gotten over my melancholy when leaving like this - my experience is that there is always plenty of time to be melancholy afterwards.

So this is goodbye to my job as I know it.

Is there anything I will miss, about work, about Hungary? Of course, there are many things, but I won't list them now. I'll tell you when I get back to Belgium and am missing them. The past is past and the present is also kind of past at the moment. I am just finishing up.


Dana said...

I wish I had a shredder. Remember I am leaving my current job too, next Tuesday. But I suppose the documents I was dealing with are way too unimportant to deserve shredding. See you soon.

perelaar said...

I love the paperless office - untill end March, while still in my trial period, I can leave in less than a week.
And leave no tangible trace :)

TDEC said...

Shredders are good up to a point. After having shredded 500 pages of useless documentation (not axaggerating) the fun kind of wears off. Shame. Save trees guys, don't print.