Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Not intensely private


Oh, and of course, it's Valentine's. Appropriately I dreamt about my lover last night; only was also Sam West. Talk about the best of both worlds eh.

Nonetheless, I am sad and lonely today, with nothing but a dentist appointment planned. I miss you pumpkin*.

*yes that is ironic. The pumpkin part, not the missing. The missing is poignantly unironic.
I was reading Drek's blog, and thinking that he is, I suppose, one of those people who are described as "intensely private". One of the reasons why his blog is as compelling as it is is because it does not consist of emotional exhibitionism.

The same is very obviously not true of mine. Although I started it for very practical reasons I have become addicted and one of my friends has commented on how voyeuristic it feels to read it. She has a point, although I do censor and do actively seek out other topics. Mind you, the serious stuff (or what passes for) tends to end up on Total Drek.

I like sharing. Part of that means I can't keep my mouth shut unless it concerns other people's issues. It also means that what I enjoy most in life is the things I get to do with other people (although I need lots of personal space). Late dinners outside on a summer evening. Fun trips. Yes.

PS: Hey, I am still waiting for those Alter Ego suggestions.

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