Wednesday, February 08, 2006


In conversation, I am rather a shy person. I mean I usually don't ask personal questions unless I know someone quite well or feel like they really want to talk about it. Being engaged has, in that sense, been something of a revelation. People have started volunteering all sorts of interesting information. Obviously there are lots of people who tell you about When They Got Married. Here are some of the less predictable things to come out of recent oh-congratulations-conversations.

- Yesterday I found out that my dentist had spent seven years living in smalltown Florida and is an American citizen. Also that she hates Florida.
- Last weekend, a colleague's girlfriend randomly told me that she was divorced. She is about my age so I was a bit surprised. Eeehm. What do you say when people tell you things like that?
- Two of my power women role models have revealed surprising romanticism and an affection for white weddings. Odd.
- Several people have told me that I needed to stop expressing my (esthetic) admiration for male filmstars
- Two of my friends have offered to be bridesmaids and wear dresses with puff sleeves

I have also discovered that about 35% of all women enjoy talking about my impending marriage more than I do, and have more stamina.

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