Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random noise

So the Husband and I just moved sometime ago. Not far, a 5 minute drive, but a world of difference. No more filth and pests, but a nice clean little flat, decent view, 20's building, decent management, walking distance to two supermarkets and three pubs, right on a main busline, soon to be across from a Barnes & Noble.

Nice, right?

When we moved in they were finishing the building across the street, and they still are, so it was noisy, but they are pretty much done now. Only now they've opened a new building site just behind this building, and now that is being quite, quite loud, with no perpective of it ever ending. Imagine it: every morning, including weekends, the noise starts at 6 or 7 am, and lasts till about 4 or 5 pm.

Dilemma: I really don't want to move. I mean I really really do not want to move. I like this flat, I like the neighbourhood, the rent is reasonable, it is a convenient location. On top of that, I really hated moving, it was a deeply awful process. On the other hand, the question is whether I can live with this sodding noise. The evenings and night are quiet, and obviously that helps, since in the mornings it is usually a question of getting up and getting ready to go, but missing that last hour or two of sleep, or at least having it interrupted, is pretty unpleasant.

What should I do? Try to convince the Husband to move? Try better earplugs? We only moved in a month and a half ago.


Advice welcome.

On an unrelated note, the good news is that in a month and a half we will be on our (sort of) honeymoon. The bad news is that that means we need to start planning the religious wedding. Sigh. I am excited about being married, but the fussing about table arrangements and DJs just seems like the most unexciting thing in the world right now. This is not helped by our current state of indigence. Yes, of course I want to celebrate with our friends and family. Of course I want a fun, slightly odd day of unanabashed nauseating cuteness. I just don't want to organise it. The engagement party, both in terms of the awful planning phase and in terms of its success as a party, is a little too fresh in my mind.


Paolo T. said...

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perelaar said...

Get better earplugs, and keep the apartment.
Having some construction experience myself, I can promise you the noise will stop one day :)
What are they doing anyway? Foundations, or building up the concrete structure?

TDEC said...

Well, maybe the noise will stop, but not for a long time - they are only just clearing the rubble from the old building, and then will start building flats. It could take years. Meh.

Susan said...

In response to your first problem, I would suggest a rigorous regime of much, much, much more morning sex. My Logical Defense: 1. It'll take the edge off for the rest of the day. 2. You're married so it's legal now 3. It will distract you from the noise 4. Perhaps it will even make you grateful TO the noise for getting you both up an hour or two early.
On the subject of wedding planning, well, Vaya con Dios. Oh, and get the wonderful, underrated book by Suzanne Finnamore, "Otherwise Engaged." It will allow you to chortle thru the whole process. If you are, by chance, having the wedding in FL, both Ash and I will help you out with contacts et al.

TDEC said...

Yeeesh, we are actually having the wedding in Florida. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to get a hold of it. As for your first tip - why yes, I wholheartedly agree. *grin*