Thursday, September 14, 2006

American History

It is a rainy day, and as such perfect for the reading of American history, my most recent undertaking. I figure that as a guest in this country the least I can do is to take an interest; moreover, the past is so often used in the current political battles that I feel I ought to at least know what the past is.

There is a small stack of two history books and two political books waiting for me, and I am most of the way through 1776. What I really should be doing is reading the travel guide for our honeymoon, since we are leaving next week, but I figure I can count on the spouse to take care of that side of things and then I'll leech information from him.

Of course in Maryland and the surrounding states, history abounds, and I have been to Monticello, DC and Philadelphia, as well as to a well-nigh endless series of Civil War battlefields and Lewis and Clark stuff. Trust me, I am learning fast. Besides, it is an interesting experience in two ways: I get to learn about US history, as well as about how the US represents its history.

This man Washington isn't exactly winning my heart. I'll go with Jefferson any day of the week, slave owner or no. Their respective memorials in DC really are quite apt; the military man vs. the intellectual, no wonder I side with Jefferson.

Enough of this fragmented soliloquy. Time to gain some more actual knowledge and coherence.

Update: so I finished 1776. Huzzah.

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