Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crazy, just crazy

Most of the time I think I have been taken over by alien life forms. Some of the time I think that I have turned into someone I don't know by all this new technology. And then there are some times when I think I should get over myself and enjoy the show. Actually, yes, I should not worry about being excited about the religious wedding. Even if I am being mildly obsessive. Truth be told, I am generally a little obsessive about most things I enjoy. Enjoying planning one's wedding is normal, right?

To be fair, it won't exactly be a traditional wedding; but not quite eccentric either. We like it that way. All I can say is: I have a dress; we have a location; we have a caterer and a DJ. That's not bad for a week's work. And you know what? I am going to enjoy picking the music.


Susan said...

Get the Finnamore book. Really. Like, ASAP.
Suzanne Finnamore. Otherwise Engaged.

TDEC said...

Hehe. Jolly good.