Thursday, September 07, 2006


I have quite a temper sometimes, and can be fairly short-fused. I like to think, nonetheless, that I am generally mild-mannered as well as opinionated. At times like now, when something fairly small upsets me, I always wonder whether it is me.

Is it?

It try to be reasonable, but by nature I am hot-headed, and when angry, am rather fierce. Right now I am trying to rein myself in. Most of the time. Some of time I am just angry.

Zen, Beast, Zen.

Speaking of beasts, I always did identify more with the Beast than with Beauty in the fairytale, only I look cute and fluffy. No matter, I can sprout fangs and claws at a moment's notice.

Worry not, I purr like a kitten most of the time.

The wedding stuff is going well though...

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