Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanks for you visit, and please come back soon

Just in case I needed any confirmation that I live in a somewhat strange country, I have just discovered that there is a place called King of Prussia in Pennsylvania. What is it known for? Yes, you guessed right, it is known for having a really big mall.

How, you might ask, and why do I know about King of Prussia, also referred to as KoP? Simple. In my continuing attempt to follow the ever more bewildering locations popping up in the blog stats, I noticed that one of 18511 citizens of KoP visited my blog. Thank you. I feel honoured.

Much like with children's names, people seem to have no compunction about giving their towns bizarre names. I am not sure if I think that is endearing, or mildly obnoxious. I think I'll go back to reading about nice, sensible people like Franklin who confined their quirkiness to science, rather than bestowing it on unsuspecting towns or offspring.

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Susan said...

Freakishly enough, my husband grew up in Pottstown, PA which is right next to KoP. I've shopped at that mall. They also have a Na Hoku there, the fiendish Hawaiian jewelry store I slaved at for 4 years.