Friday, September 21, 2007

The dangers of seeming knowledgeable

I am good at bluffing. Really, I am. As a consequence of this I routinely get into trouble because people have unwisely assumed that I can do things which in reality I have no clue about. In technology issues particularly, this happens a fair amount. Today, for example, I am trying to design something for which I have neither the knowledge nor the information. Well, it does make a girl resourceful. So, er, wish me luck. I am on the verge of being self-taught here.

Btw - see how devoted I am? I am putting this up on my tutoring cigarette (his, not mine) break)


S.S.Stone said...

You'll ACE it!

TDEC said...

We'll see. More likely I will con one of our IT people into helping me without their realising it. But to be sure, I will pick up some knowledge in the process.