Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hum ho

Yes, I know, I am hardly posting. I have noticed that, while it seems to matter whether or not I post, it does not, on the whole, seem to matter what I post about. Or how lengthily I post. So perhaps I should just write two-line posts with cute pictures of moose or something all the time, and be done with it.

In front of me, I have someone's business card. It says "strategic advisor". I love the vagueness of this title, to the extent that I rather covet it. What strategy? Whose? What is he advising on? On strategy? Or is he strategic to the organisation as an advisor?

You know, on the whole, enjoying the little things in life is a wonderful skill. Sock puppet nudity, for example, is great. Autumn round here, clear and blue, and a little chilly. Reading a really compelling piece of writing. Making food with loved ones. Lolcats. Compliments, given and taken. Severus Snape t-shirts. It's all wonderful; and it doesn't take much of anything.

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