Monday, September 24, 2007

No more

You would think that it was a wonderful thing: two of my favourite things linked - I am referring, of course, to Fake Steve and Stephen Fry's blog; because Stephen Fry blogged about his affection for the iPhone. I'd almost forgotten - the man is a geek.

Stephen Fry, actor, writer, comedian, wonderful voice for audiobooks, friend to the select stars, and more of that stuff, the man has a place in my heart, as I believe I have mentioned before. I have sort of lost track of him recently because his own website kind of crushed the best website about him, but sadly his own site wasn't all that interesting at the time. So I got bored and wandered off, and then he wasn't writing any books either...anyway, so here he is on Fake Steve, so of course I go over and read the post. Well, some of it anyway, because about a page into the enormous post I get bored, I know, I have the attention span of a goldfish, but Stephen, blogs weren't made for posts this long, really, they weren't. You should write that book instead.

iPhones. He really likes them. Well good for him. Oh, I'm not saying I don't, they're all pretty, and they're so nifty, and oooh icons and all the things it does and youtube (puppetry on your phone!), and maps, and yes, it's just...good. Apple approaches technology as it were jewellery. The are of course downsides as well; but either way it's beside the point. I resent how much of an idle luxury it is, how much of a pointless, overpriced toy. And to hear someone I respect and admire go on and on about how many smartphones he's just disappointing. I don't live such a frugal life, so I'm not one to throw stones. We all perceive different things as luxuries. In my case, travel is my great luxury - it's terrible ecologically speaking, and not something I really want to cut down on. I know I should leave the Galapagos and the Cook islands well alone, but given half a chance, I would go. I am still disappointed though. I could be excited to remember that the man is a geek. Instead I just think it is self-indulgent.

Is it a problem that I am basing this rant on about a third of a Stephen Fry blogpost? Meh, it's a blog, who am I kidding anyway. A sad day in the land of the Beast, especially since I didn't bring any chocolate to work. Instead I am craving the Stephen Fry audiobook of The Half-Blood Prince.
Anyway, I'm still going to add him to my blogroll. Because he's a nice man. Because he's a good writer. Because he's a good actor. But mostly because he's nice.

I guess it all ties in to the no more heroes anymore thing...


tdec said...

Note on self-righteousness: I just caught myself looking desirously at the new nanos, even though I have a perfectly good one already. Shiny, new things. Good thing the new ones don't come in my favourite colour, so I will not be overly tempted to indulge in electronics I really, honestly don't need.

Anonymous said...

the man is also a manic-depressive and attributes some of his almost compulsive buying of gear to that.

TDEC said...

This is true. Would expounding on the merits of it help though? I don't know. But then I'm not bipolar, so who am I to say.