Friday, October 12, 2007


When I have a lot of work I really need to do, I sometimes work really hard and just get it all over with in a flash. However the task at hand is a slow, time-consuming one, and so I am having a hard time not procrastinating, especially since I am frustrated about not getting something important I needed to do over lunch done, I am frustrated that I am continually tired in spite of sleeping the required number of hours, and I am frustrated because I can't just get on with this task. As such I am writing this to perhaps be posted later. Anyway.

So I visit the usual blogs, get lost on a few of the LiveJournals. I visit them feeling like a voyeur, since I don't participate, just watch.
They refer to it as RL, Real Life. Things like that never fail to make me smile. RL indeed - mostly referred to as a barrier to blogging, or writing. RL can be troublesome, though it does involve dinner and a show, during which I will most likely fall asleep, considering my recent narcoleptic tendencies. It also includes puppets, albeit marginally, in the form of Labyrinth, which I watched yesterday.

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