Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Humanity has not ceased to baffle me. At work, my nemesis has recently decided that, not only do I actually exist, but I am worthy of the human niceties. Two of the people that I would consider somewhere near my wavelength, on the other hand, have been acting strangely, brushing me off in the oddest (and funniest) manner; then complimenting my shoes a few days later as if nothing happened. Of course, my shoes are gorgeous and one may not be able to resist complimenting me on them. Behold the power of the shoe.

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Practicing Idealist said...

That's really strange. Perhaps your friends are noticing your nemesis' different treatment of you, and are wondering if you switched sides?
And yes, I totally get the power of the shoes (although I didn't in the past). My shoes for the wedding have a 2 3/4" and are going to be so fun to wear, as long as I don't fall down. : )
Have a good rest of the day.