Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scenario for dealing with people you haven't seen in a million years and aren't sure you want to be friends with, in view of modern technology

TDEC opens her mailbox. Somebody she hasn't thought about in years is wanting to be her Friend. She is wanting to ignore, not just the request, but the whole swatch of her past it reminds her of. She considers declining; but the person is inoffensive enough, and has not inflicted any harm on her. And is the past not past.

She responds affirmatively, and allows herself to gloat over trivialities for a moment. In principle she would like to be indifferent to who's ahead (meaning: has a more prestigious job/college education) and who's behind (meaning: has travelled less/has an even more pointless degree), but she can't help herself. It is on her roadmap for Being a Better Person.

Given a choice between being a little mean and being a little disingenuous...

Instead, she writes in the third person, as if she were Julius Caesar.


S.S.STONE said...

I think I'd be wondering if I had the time to start corresponding with more people than I do already...but it is nice to meet old friends. ( ?? maybe, maybe not)

TDEC said...

Hm, yes, it is true - it is great to have so many remote friends but it gets hard to keep up with, especially with everything else that is going on now. I can barely even keep up with my family. As for old friends, mostly it's good...this one, well, it's kind of a long story, and while he is nice enough, I don't know how I really feel about the whole thing. Oh well, it's all superficial enough.