Monday, October 22, 2007

The things that happen when you look away for even a second (Deathly Hallows Spoilers!!!!)

Blimey. Dumbledore is gay? Like the whole Harry-is-a-horcrux thing, which seemed like a crackpot idea from overactive minds at first, it has turned out to be canon. I was glad to hear it, really, the series desperately needed some filling in when it comes to the emotional lives of the Hogwarts staff, but I admit this one blindsided me. A previous version of the article mildly states that "explicit scenes with Dumbledore already have appeared in fan fiction". One does wonder who it is who is writing these explicit scenes. I can't say I want to read them, but hey, whatever floats people's proverbial boats.

Anyway, it is nice to hear some interesting comments out of JKR; I had rather taken to ignoring her after all the mean/soppy stuff she said about Snape. In line with my getting at real life through blogs, I found the story on Telanu's blog, see dodgy link in sidebar, relevant warnings apply.


perelaar said...

I wonder if it is not a weird marketing trick? Image cinema sales figures when Dumbledore tries to kiss Harry. All the negative press - nothing like a good scandal to boost sales.
Or am I being my mean self again? I must admit the last book was a bit of a spoiler, I think the Harry Potter series deserved better.

TDEC said...

You are of course being cynical; but that's half the reason why you're so much fun. I agree that the last book is not quite what I'd hoped for, though it is a rollicking read. As for Dumbledore kissing Harry, do you really think people would pay money to see Michael Gambon fondle Dan Radcliffe? Ew.
Seriously, I think JKR is just trying to give Deathly Hallows some of the depth it lacks. Bit late...