Friday, November 02, 2007

Eagles. Wrapped in American flags.

My home country, my heimat has no history of national patriotism.

America has a lot of it. Flags. Eagles. At first, you think it's odd. Then you decide it's a little over the top. Then you think it's mildly strange (spraypainted on the the back of trucks, next to Jesus). Then you see an NSA powerpoint with a giant picture of an eagle, wrapped in a flag.

You try not to giggle; because if you've learned anything, it is that in the US, the security and secret services have no sense of humour. They have signs in the airport to remind you of it.


S.S.STONE said...

td, I love the American flag..something about red white and blue together. Our flag should have some blue in it. I don't really care for the look of ours. It's relatively new too. (1967 i think..before that Canada flew the Union Jack (flag of England).
I have the US and Can flag in front of my house as a reminder of my US connection.

S.S.STONE said...

oh and p.s. my flying the US flag makes the neighbors crazy! lol. When I put them out they reminded me that it is LAW that I also have to have either the Canadian flag or the provincial flag with the US flag...can't fly the US alone.

TDEC said...

Lol. I can imagine that you neighbours are annoyed. You're right - the American flag is nice. It's just a little...over-used round here. And all the rules's endearing it should never touch the ground, how no other flag should be flown higher or at the same level...
That said, I do like the Canadian flag. I like the simplicity and directness of the design.

Slag said...

MoosehaHA, the conversation has spontaneously turned to flags. This gives me an excuse to link to some of my favorites:

Because it has a kick-ass dragon.

Attractive simple geometric design

My favorite of the cross flags; I like the way the red-on-blue looks

The Mexican Eagle could totally beat up the American Eagle. Why do you think we want to build that fence? To keep the eagles out!

South Africa:
The story of how they designed the flag is really touching.