Friday, November 16, 2007

Naked Time

So what it the deal with all the naked rituals? As you may have gathered, I have a special fondness for the Harry Potter Puppet Pals youtube videos, and one of the more baffling yet amusing elements of these videos is concept of Naked Time. Specifically, Dumbledore Naked Time. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please go check it out; that said, if you've ignored me so far, you probably will this time too.

Cut to The Da Vinci Code, the terrible movie made after the decidedly mediocre book. Chanting, hoods and naked people. A girl is peering into the room. Cut to Eyes Wide Shut, the movie which could have been fabulous, and the ritualistic masked nudity therein. What is it with naked rituals? Is it just the excuse for nudity? Or is ritualistic naked time just kinkier? And what to make of the virtual puppet naked time? Surely this cannot be conceived as being in any way erotic? My favourite explanation of Naked Time is that the HPPP are having a laugh at the expense of the serious nudity. I don't think that this is the intended effect of the videos; I think Neil Ciceriega just thought it was funny to have Dumbledore be entirely randomly naked; and it is. I will however continue to cherish my own interpretation of Naked Time as mocking random nudity in fanfic, on tv, in movies, by showing, not young, firm, erotic nudity; but by instead denuding the featureless handpuppet of perhaps the most non-sexual of the main HP characters (although, what with him now being gay, one might expect changes; no matter, the videos as pre-Gaydore).


The_Z said...

Dude, it's so you are in your natural state. You know, how you came into this world. In tune with the ebb and flow of the universe... Also, the blood of the sacrificed virgins won't ruin all the nice clothes.

My magic rituals frequently colapse into wild orgies... later of course once there are no little spirits running around to make for trouble. It's like everyone losing at strip poker.

Of course the important part is the note above about the imps. there's nothing worse then an imp messing with my plumbing at a bad moment. gotta remember to banis those puppies.

TDEC said...

Right, I'll keep that in mind. Especially the bit about the sacrificial virgins.

Sorcia McNasty said...

I tend to vascillate between being all gung-ho, "Huzzah-for-nakedness" and snarling into my coffee about how young girls clearly don't bother with an air of mystery anymore.
Love the puppets.

TDEC said...

Full-on nakedness I don't mind. Airbrushed skin-tight almost nudity is much more offensive to me, because it seems to be all about being a sexual object; whereas a naked body is just naked body, sexy or not.

Anonymous said...

A wolf in sheep's clothing.