Thursday, November 01, 2007

On being a shoddy friend, family member and so forth

On the topic of Julius Caesar, the TDEC wishes to let her readers know that it is a good thing that he never had to look after any children, because frankly, between politics and warfare, she doubts that he would have found the time.

She notes, also, that her acronym TDEC has taken the route of IBM's - while the acronym remains, the original reference is mostly lost, as in the case of International Business Machines, where only a minute part of the operation is concerned with actual machines. As such, it would be much more appropriate for the outfit to change its acronym to IB, International Business, a suitably vague description of its ambitions for world domination. When one's brand is the third best known in the world, though, it does not pay to change it, and so IBM will be IBM; and for entirely unrelated reasons the TDEC, too, chooses to stick with the status quo.

The status quo is onerous. It is such that the TDEC is seriously considering skipping her Voluntary Simplicity meeting - which is designed, among other things, to aid people in improving their time management. It is such that communication with friends and family, always complicated across timezones, has been compromised. Most distressingly, the status quo involves very little outright fun/relax time, which includes, but is not limited to: reading anything other than the most undemanding and comforting of writing, quality spousal time, drinks with friends, watching Monk, sleeping late, looking up the number of inhabitants of Chagrin Falls, Ohio; pointless calls, making origami, watching puppet videos on youtube, cooking properly.

Well, the TDEC gets frequent flyer miles out of it, and driving practice. She supposes that that must be a good thing. She is also, somehow, still finding time to blog. She supposes it must be lack of silliness in RL.


Practicing Idealist said...

I like the acronym TDEC. It seems mysterious, even though it has lost it's original meaning. Quite postmodern, don't you think?

TDEC said...

Yes, I am rather attached to TDEC; being postmodern has its moments.