Friday, August 29, 2008

Bohama and his speech

Yeah, we all know I love Al Gore, so I won't say I loved his speech. It was a good speech and he delivered it well. With his heart.

Bohama now. I want to to buy it. I do. I want to be enthused like I was about Tony Blair. We all know what happened to Tony. But this Bohama. He's giving a great speech; a very well-pitched speech, a touching speech. Technically perfect, done with perfect dedication and conviction. Perhaps a historic speech. Very good. I hope he's got more than good speechmaking under there. I want to see him be right. I want him to keep his professed ideals.

Hope? Who knows.

Update - boring stuff about people with sharp objects

So here what I probably should have mentioned earlier. Some of you will know that I've been going through a series of tests/doctors over the last few months, undoubtedly much to the dismay of our health insurance. I had another doctor scheduled for this Tuesday, and he has given me a clean bill of health. It is, I think, entirely appropriate that I should have a rareish "congenital anomaly" which was diagnosed by chance and (probably) completely asymptomatic. It's good; and a little funny. It's been scary though. Brain stuff is almost by definition scary, I think, because it is so utterly unpredictable, and because it affects those parts of us we don't like to think of a hardwired into our bodies - moods, personality, social behaviour, sleep patterns etc. Going through the "discovery" of the TDEC's Strange Brain was interesting, because you (Everyman with similar condition) oscillate between too little information (the doctor who found the anomaly) and too much (the internet, of course). This is where a good doctor comes in, if you're lucky. My PCP did as good a job as anyone could have expected, and that was incredibly valuable. It's good if you can check the stuff in your imagination against some medical common sense. Of course there we specialists involved and you know, for neurologists, they weren't bad at all, particularly that last one; I could have sworn he was an actual human being, and good with the information managment.

Humans will be humans, and because neurological symptoms are so vague it made me a little paranoid to think about it, and so I am very glad to be relieved of that, of wondering. My back pain can go back to being just back pain, and my forgetfulness, well, blast, I guess I will have to live with it.

My only significant complaint is that I can't frame the pictures of my brain; I'm supposed to keep them in the dark for future reference. Meh.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shocking news

So Bohama just got nominated. W00t. Why am I not excited?

I am excited about finally listening to the Snapefest Snapecast episode. It also made me glum because I didn't actually get to go to Snapefest, which is sad, especially since I've been to the hotel and recognised all the references.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I finally finished Wuthering Heights. I am not sure what to think of it. I think on the whole I like it better than I did when I first read it. The brutality is both more appalling and more comprehensible. Still, I can't see it as a love story, I just can't. I guess I am one of the Lintons of the world. It astonishes me again that it was written at all, considering who wrote it. I also think it is one of the truly Romantic works, more than I ever thought it was. So maybe I can read one less Austen book to make room for this.

There is a tall stack of books for me to read still, and truth be told I'd like to get on with it, but have some books to finish before I can. I am terribly stubborn about not stopping books even when I am past bored/annoyed with them.

In other news, I spent some time working on our wedding album this weekend. It is not a year and a half ago, so I guess it is about time. It is one of those things that didn't get started right and is now impossible to finish. Aye, we'll get there yet.

Also, what ever happened to my sense of humour on this blog? Maybe it is because I don't write about my work. My work really does have its moments of...
Well. I had better not elaborate.

Friday, August 22, 2008


How is it that I don't remember all this stuff I am listening to in Wuthering Heights? It is becoming quite unbearable to listen to. I am about two thirds of the way through and the whole thing just makes me want to fling something. It really is Romantic with a capital letter, not romantic: like nature at its most dramatic, like climbing mountains - harsh and unforgiving, though grand, the view drowned in the effort of climbing. Like a hurricane. I always did like Jane Eyre more.

An old thing

You know, after a busy weekend I could have the decency to bore you with my activities. Or would it be more polite to talk about current political issues, or to just make things up? Something involving garden gnomes, they always make for a good story. Like how some people from a writing group I was in made a short film re-enacting Snow White with garden gnomes; but that is actually true, so I suppose it doesn't count. Or I could tell you about plans I'm making. On the whole, I think not.

It is a rainy; drizzle, good English drizzle. With this weather, one might as well be in Scotland. Barren hills with sheep, dreary pools bordered with rushes. Maybe a tent, for those desiring prolonged misery. On the upside, some doctor has prescribed me some new meds that seem to help some with some of what ails me. Although it could be a coincidence.

Camping; there is talk of going camping, and it seems like a good idea, even if it does not take place in Scotland; reduces the need for extra sweaters.

Ireland, when I first went there, was exceedingly wet. In fact, I think it was probably the rainiest vacation I ever took, though it possible that it only seemed so because we were camping. The level of lanscape wetness is much more tangible in a tent.

Northern Ireland, on the other hand, was gorgeous, the only sunny part of the trip.
Lesson one in Irish geography:
Northern Ireland does not equal Ireland; nor Ulster. Ulster = one of the four provinces of the island. Ireland = the Republic; also, the entire island, depending on who you ask. Northern Ireland = seperate political and social entity. Pending the re-integration of the national territory, according to some.
Lesson two in Irish geography:
Do not discuss the geography of the north with the locals.

It turns out that the Spouse and I are returning to the ancestral soil (mine, not his) this summer. He has been wanting to go to Spain for a long time, and I will enjoy showing him around ineptly. Personally, I wouldn't mind a trip to Scotland either, or to Norn Iron.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Muhaha, I can foist my taste on you

Because I really do love Scott Joplin.

and Mozart.

actually I think Mozart might have enjoyed the glorious abuse of one of his iconic almost drifts into Scott Joplin land.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sense and sensibility

Really, it has been an awfully long time since I wrote anything sensible here. I am trying to think why I have been so abstracted, or perhaps superficial. I feel like something in a small box, forever preoccupied with little things. So it goes: I've just filed another round of paperwork with USCIS; because these things matter. They are also expensive. It is part of a two-fold initiative to make immigration a non-issue: by making it pay for itself, and by making it very hard to do. Speaking of which, I do have some of the conventional blog-fodder. I saw The Visitor, much-lauded film about a "passionless professor" getting involved with the immigrant community. Predictably, the immigrants he befriends are illegal, etc etc. I was a little disappointed; the movie struck me as a two-fold charicature: the wealthy, emotionally deadened Conneticut professor vs. the vibrant, musically gifted, esthetically appealing immigrants. The most realistic thing about the movie is the end, which I guess I shouldn't give away. I'd hoped for more. The plight of illegal immigrants is worth speaking for, and this just doesn't feel adequate. I doesn't cover enough, not enough of the Catch-22 of the situation. It also doesn't convince me, this story of finding redemption in another group. It is a fantasy, perhaps intended a such, though brutal reality has its say. No - on a human level, I don't buy it.

I saw Kung Fu Panda at last, and it was better than The Visitor in my book; and by this I mostly mean that it was unpretentious, funny, and involved Jackie Chan. Kind of like Blades of Glory: glorious, pleasing, almost entirely mindless entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, while on that plane, I also saw Iron Man. It was also good, genuinely riveting, a bit of a pointless plot with some serious question marks, but good action, and lots of Robert Downey Jr. doing what he does best, looking good and repenting for his sins in style.

It's not that I mind a good, thought-provoking movie. I wouldn't mind one right now. It's just that I am awfully demanding when it comes to having my emotions assaulted. I like for movie makers to know what they're doing when they propose to engage my emotions and my intellect. I should, of course, watch Pan's Labyrinth, but it kind of scares me too. Maybe I can convince myself in my current Spanish Civil War-oriented mood.

No, that is still not all. I am also re-reading Wuthering Heights, or rather I am listening to the audiobook at an agonisingly slow pace. I read it as a teenager and re-reading it now I feel almost out of patience with it. Like I forget whose reaction to The Deathly Hallows on Snapecast: please, not more angst! It is a lot more brutal than I remembered; I find the book exasperating as a teenager might be; without a glimmer of light. Without a sense of humour, too. It's why I like Byron so much; he showed that he could mock himself with the best of them. It is, of course, also why I love Austen, who can see all this domestic drama and its seriousness, and still be snarky about it in the sweetest way.

Once more I think about starting a book club, perhaps a subversive one, but I always have such an excess of foolish plans and shortage of time that I don't know if I should.

So there, I hope that counts as substantial.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me and Jean-Luc Picard

I am back, and after my first day back at work am home alone with Jean-Luc, since the Spouse is away.

It was good, I am tired, somewhat glad to be sleeping in my own bed again, and huge. Also, I've realised there's a new Snapecast I must listen to. I have books to read, an intellect to us. But not tonight. Tonight is all about sleep and Star Trek.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Because there is

never enough time to find souvenirs, or to see more mountains.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Because Catalunya is lovely, my friends, even if it is really, really warm here and people aren't much into airconditioning. There is something to be said for spending the hottest time of the day eating elaborate meals and having wine in the shade.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Up, up and away again

We're off on a much-deserved transatlantic holiday to see family and some other stuff. You may hear from us, but it is also possible that we will lounge on the beach/terrace all day. Who knows. Personally I am looking forward to being there rather than on a plane. And maybe some fresh orange juice and a chocolate croissant?