Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last week, we (the Spouse and I) saw an excellent performance of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? When I say that it was excellent, that can be taken to mean bruising, heartbreaking and slightly traumatising. A confronting thing for any couple to watch. Like the best kind of theatre, it filters into your life, translates into all sorts of questions. They are good questions, if not easy ones. Maybe it should be considered a supplement to pre-marital counselling - if you can see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and still want to get married, you probably ought to. That said, you may not know eachother well enough at that point to see how the play relates to you (it does; it always does). In which case you should probably hold off on that white dress.

On the more cheerful side, I have been slaughtering pumpkins. Thanksgiving is coming up and in a moment of well-intentioned insanity I offered to make pumpkin pie from scratch. Making it from scratch is not insanity. It is simply better. What is insanity is transporting mashed pumpkin the lenghth of the country, and then facing the ever-stressful task of making pie crust. Why stressful, you may ask; well, because I am a failure at making crust. Forget all that fluted rim stuff. If it covers the pie pan it is a success; and even then, I mess up at least one time in three. So why not simply obtain one of those wonderful (er...) pre-made crusts, or better still, take my mother-in-law up on her generous offer to make the crust for me? Because I am stubborn, that's why, and because I would rather spend a morning being stressed out than admit to my crust issues or stoop to store-bought crust, especially after all of the pumpkin-bashing. I have to learn sometime, right? I just wish I could do it ahead of time, and fail in the privacy of my own kitchen. If you hear clanking and swearing from our kitchen tonight, that is me, miserably messing up a practice session.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The little things

I am at home, watching the Colbert Report, making popcorn and blogging. Aaaah. Life is good. If I were feeling motivated I would make apple pie. If that doesn't convey the mood, try this.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange and elusive time

This is how you know that you are now, appalingly enough, an adult:
- You realise that what bothers people about getting old is not the age, but the fact that your face crinkles when you smile, and that you have seriously considered putting a quota on smiling
- All of the cool people you know are too busy to hang out with you because they have babies
- You haven't had hot chocolate in years because it has too many calories for a drink
- You own napkin rings
- Phone bills no longer confuse you, and you have financial planning in place
- Dry cleaning bills still confuse you (in that you have them)
- Your place of residence always has a small stack of clean towels. So do your friends' houses
- Your employment requires actual engagement, and some portion of your soul

I'm not even being facetious. Being an adult is a baffling business. Every once in a while I wake up, look around and wonder what happened. How did I go from my mother having to convince me that I needed a collander (not long ago!) and telling me I didn't care for dating (it was more that it didn't care for me) to living here with this job, and a husband (tall guy - glasses - nice looking - smart too), and a blender and champagne glasses. No, more than that - a champagne bottle stopper. Handy thing, that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The first of the season. I must celebrate Sinterklaas this year, I can tell. Clementines, chocolate letters and speculaas. And maybe, if I'm good, Sinterklaas will give me a new giant inflatable deer head

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hotel rooms, old friends, the rain and the mermaids

The hotel room is in Ocean City, where I am, somewhat reluctantly, for work. It is not bad as rooms go - a mini fridge, a microwave, free wireless, the Spouse. I guess one would have to bring a spouse, but the rest is courtesy of the hotel.

Outside it rains on the Atlantic Ocean, which I can smell but not see; the mermaids are hypothetically playing there.

You know how it sometimes breaks your heart when someone you care for is hurting and there is nothing you can do? Yes, there is nothing I can do. It isn't even just one person; there's a few people and it isn't even that I can't think of what to do - it's just that there isn't anything. It is, like many things, beyond my control.

Well, there is always banana tempura to make things better, I guess. For those of us here by the seaside.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Currently, I am almost, but not quite, a techie; I am almost, but not quite, a content person; I am almost, but not quite, an admin person. I am also disoriented, and feeling a little underqualified/overqualified for all of the things I do. What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Political Experience

I am still blogging about American politics for the Belgians. As I sit in a hotel room in the Rockies, I wonder if I shouldn't overhaul this blog and give it a proper Topic and some ostensible legitimacy. I have shown myself that I can consistently and somewhat cogently on a single topic. It has been a great experience, and good for me. Good for my self-discipline. But the truth is that I enjoy these meanderings, and that while I do have some intention of writing more focussed, thought-out posts, I also don't want to confine myself to this. I have enough confinement; let me ramble and whinge and rave if I like. I want to be able to not write about politics or literature or Snape for a while. My variety may not be the spice of your life, but it works for me.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

What gives?

With the best sandwich in the Western world and the best coffee in town in my recent past, I am feeling pretty upbeat about life. I am still listening to the stultifyingly boring biography of FDR, and as a consequence, am getting to rather dislike the man. Meanwhile, in politics people keep talking about Team of Rivals and asking pointed questions about who Obama is going to appoint to be Secretary of State. The fact that nobody is suggesting that he might pick Hillary Clinton, which would be the analogous pick to Lincoln's, should be a reminder to us all that Obama is not in fact Lincoln. And in spite of MSNBC repeated statement that he is "renewing the promise" he is not Jesus either.

Berlusconi, the Italian clown-in-chief, has declared that Obama is "tanned". People have taken offense, but personally I think it's pretty funny. I think it means that Berlusconi secretely wishes he could be as tanned a Obama.

It has been quite a ride, this election. It is not proving easy to kick the news addiction. I am still blogging for the Belgians too, which means I should think of something interesting to write today. Hm. Actually, thanks to my blogging there I had an election night with some Belgians in virtual attendance, which was a lot of fun. The Spouse's Co-Host is now very popular with a very select selection of Belgians.

Anyway, it is Friday, and I am truly grateful.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've been nice. I have not said anything much about politics. It is all over now, and I am drinking champagne. McCain made a great, touching speech; Obama made exactly the speech he needed to make. I have earned a drink, a fancy, elitist drink.