Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange and elusive time

This is how you know that you are now, appalingly enough, an adult:
- You realise that what bothers people about getting old is not the age, but the fact that your face crinkles when you smile, and that you have seriously considered putting a quota on smiling
- All of the cool people you know are too busy to hang out with you because they have babies
- You haven't had hot chocolate in years because it has too many calories for a drink
- You own napkin rings
- Phone bills no longer confuse you, and you have financial planning in place
- Dry cleaning bills still confuse you (in that you have them)
- Your place of residence always has a small stack of clean towels. So do your friends' houses
- Your employment requires actual engagement, and some portion of your soul

I'm not even being facetious. Being an adult is a baffling business. Every once in a while I wake up, look around and wonder what happened. How did I go from my mother having to convince me that I needed a collander (not long ago!) and telling me I didn't care for dating (it was more that it didn't care for me) to living here with this job, and a husband (tall guy - glasses - nice looking - smart too), and a blender and champagne glasses. No, more than that - a champagne bottle stopper. Handy thing, that.


perelaar said...

I can only conclude I'm still a long way off adulthood :)

TDEC said...

Enjoy it. Also the puppy!