Friday, December 12, 2008

Things I never thought I'd see

This is for those of you who remember the obscure and obscured past - from my beloved friend

[Blur's] Bassist Alex James is currently hosting a show on Classic FM and has expanded his family, welcoming four children to the family cheese farm in Oxfordshire since 2004.
It sounds a little like something Alex James might have written in a drunken haze sometime in the mid-nineties as a dark parody of his dissolute lifestyle. Terrifying, that. Is this what awaits sexy bass players if they are lucky? Family cheese farms? Classic FM? Hell, it had better be an organic, animal friendly cheese farm, and he had better not like Wagner. He should at least have gone for Radio Four. Audible, give me that autobiography.

Editor's Note: I realise that this post is mostly an reference to things you don't know, and wouldn't necessarily understand if I explained. Blur: British band to which I devoted endless hours and discussions in the dark nineties. Alex James: I said he was a sexy bass played with a bad name. What more could you need to know? Classic FM: Semi-cheesey (ahahaha! no pun intended) British classical music radio. Radio Four: The real thing, full of erudite things, classical music and Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. Audible: Wonderful place of digital audiobook downloads. All legal and therefore, sadly, only for the monied classes. That biography: A Bit of a Blur (pun sadly intended obviously), Alex James's book about hisself.

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