Monday, March 23, 2009

Immeasurable relief

Early this morning, which was not made easier by west coast jet lag, I snuck a few minutes from my morning routine to check that Hugh Laurie is still married. This is odd, I know. Yesterday, after two episodes of House, for some reason I remembered reading some interview with Hugh Laurie about the hardships of living in the US with his family in the UK. And Hugh Laurie, I want him to stay married. I know this should be a matter of indifference to me; but I do take breakups personally and I grew up with Laurie playing silly parts in many enjoyable hours of tv, and he’s friends with Stephen Fry, and he seems like a nice bloke, and if he ever gets divorced it will be all…Housey. Much as I enjoy the series, I would like real life Hugh Laurie to be chipper. Reasonably happy. Normal. I would like for him not to fall prey to Hollywood vagaries. Is that too much to ask? Thank you.

I have mentioned before that I am a tiny bit obsessive. My interest, usually a lazy thing, will gently accumulate until it reaches critical mass and then roll on at breakneck speeds until it wears itself out, or until the object of the obsession runs out (alas Snapecast!). So when I realized that I was contemplating watching House online to soothe my new craving, I knew that after a period of relative quiet, we were here again. Frankly, it is not a big jump from cranky smartass Snape to cranky smartass House, bereft, I hope, of the final sentimentality that so fatally affected the late Snape. And for my Spouse, who so vehemently objects to Gregory House, let me state – love, they have full episodes on Hulu. I will watch them while you play Final Fantasy. It’s a win-win.

For the record, no, Hugh Laurie is still not sexy. I don’t care about him beating George Clooney. I don’t fancy George Clooney either. Now, Jesse Spencer and Robert Sean Leonard, well, I have a place in my heart for them since olden times, when RSL was in Dead Poets Society and Spencer in, yes, Neighbours. Because we all have to be fifteen sometime.


vellaem said...

We have similar mutual agreement at our house (re: House & Final Fantasy). She watches Star Trek, while I watch 1950s films. Win-win. Being in a relationship doesn't require a mutual love of the same media. Love can outlast TV and movie obsessions.

TDEC said...

Yes, love does overcome...even my Snape obsession.