Friday, May 29, 2009

Backlog two (deluxe edition)

Happy thoughts

After the busy sunny weekend here is Tuesday, the most lacklustre of days, with a monsoon. Here are my happy thoughts –

- The new Star Trek movie.

- The Rock Me Sexy Jesus song from Hamlet 2. The only reason to see that movie, but a pretty darn good one

- Watching the President be hugged by graduating naval officers. Who knew these fancy, manly (and yes, it was, as far as I recall, all men doing the hugging, though there were plenty of women) military types were up for hugging their Commander-in-Chief?

- And on the topic of the Captain, your Captain, Leonard Nimoy recounts a favourite fanmoment: “’During the campaign, Barack Obama gave me the Vulcan greeting at a fundraiser,’ the 78-year-old actor said, holding up his palm in Spock’s signature split-finger gesture. ‘That was pretty memorable’” Warms my geeky heart, that does.

- This clip. So wonderful:

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