Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You know, my beloved readers, I have to make a confession. I had rather a funny work story; I had it all written up. But then I wimped out, because it was controversial, and I don’t much like trouble. It is a consolation that my comedic writing is a bit dubious anyway. When the revolution comes, I will not be the first against the wall. I’m too cautious. Perhaps when the revolution gets to the paranoid stage.

I know. I made you a cookie but I eated it.

My metaphors, on the other hand, kick ass, as demonstrated by the fact that yesterday, I gracefully compared my marriage to cream-filled pastry. I am also not afraid of quoting poetry at people. I think I might have unintentionally antagonized a colleague with Yeats today. Let’s face it, if you’ve got to antagonize people, wouldn’t you rather do it with Yeats?

The question is not “Am I weird?” (not all that weird, really) but “How do I feel about being weird?” and I am ok with being a little strange. A little more strangeness would not be remiss. Perhaps time to read more comic books about Derrida (can I make that Kant? I really don’t like Derrida). Time draw more bunny ears on things. You know, own (pwn?) the weird. If not the brave so much.


Lethe said...

I never understood Derrida.. or Kant for that matter (was he the mysogynist? or was that the dude with the long german sounding name?), and for some reason a 'for dummies' book about the subject sounds rather challenging.
Let me know if it actually does what it says, and makes 'beginners' understand.

Anonymous said...

I'd be ok if someone shot Derrida out of a cannon.
And then handed out creme filled pastries.

TDEC said...

They were probably both mysogynists. And no, I haven't tried the comic. And yes, Sorcia, yes indeed. Thank you.