Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh and I'm reading Hemingway and Dostoyevsky. Perhaps not surprising that my cheer is failing me (I blame Hemingway. He deserves. I'm sure he killed my phone and my email just with his descriptions of bullfighting. He organised DC traffic just to spite me and my dislike of, well, all the bloody bullfights). Which reminds me that perhaps the appropriate reference here is not to They Might Be Giants or to Hemingway, but to Jimmy McNulty:

"What the fuck did I do?"


Just to state what is obvious in my head: it's a crummy week, a busy one. I need a change. And sleep. In my head it looks like that They Might Be Giants song:

They fixed up the corner store like it was a night club
It's permanently disco
Everyone is dressed so oddly I can't recognize them
I can't tell the staff from the customers

You have to carry all your things
You can't misplace them
There's nowhere to place anything

They're all shouting something at us, waving and pointing
They revamped the airport completely now it looks just like a night club
Everyone's excited and confused

Monday, July 27, 2009


What better way to end this weekend, after all, than by watching a classic addict solve murders in the English countryside?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Forget the video, listen to the song. It fits my current zombie/vampire/werewolf theme. Also, it's funny.

Monday, July 20, 2009


A vexing end to a lovely weekend - a weekend of art and music. Of quality time and Harry Potter. Snape and beer - the latter part of which combo is currently unwise. And the recalcitrant body, of course; and the boy, though perhaps through no fault of his own. Well, I'll take the good weekends as they come, flaws and all.

Friday, July 17, 2009


On another Twilight-related topic, it occurs to me that while supposedly people are reading less and less, these series (specifically Harry Potter and Twilight) sell millions and millions of copies to young(ish) readers. Here’s a thought: when I was in school, I was an avid reader, and my bestest friend and I talked books all the time. We were strange, and books were never a topic of conversation with our (more than averagely motivated) classmates. When did reading anything, never mind reading huge tomes, become sexy? All these ADD kids reading 700-page emo, it is an amazing thing. For that fact alone one can forgive many teenage girls for being perhaps a tad preoccupied with Robert Whatsisface*.

I admit that I am baffled. In a good way. Keep looking – there ain’t no laudator temporis acti here.

*By the way, what the hell? That link creeps me out. It would creep me out if I were Robert Whatsisface. Also, thanks to the Spouse I am now imagining Robert Whatsisface with GPS tracking attached to his ear like a bear in a population study.

If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me

Well, I finally finished Breaking Dawn, and with that, the Twilight series (for now – I’m sure there will be more) and I approve of it. The funny thing is that both the worst criticisms and the highest praise are accurate. No, she’s not a great writer; yes, her characters are two-dimensional. Yes, it is a love story for a new generation; yes, it is impossible to put down.

I came across a story about Obama reading the books with his daughter and I will give up my shame – if it’s good enough for the President (and countless otherwise rational, intelligent persons), then who am I to be embarrassed?

This, then, has been deeply enjoyable, much to my surprise, and slight embarrassment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Spoiler alert, ye unfortunate readers and viewers of Twilight

So I am back, and w00t for that I guess. I have a choice of addressing my continuing dilemma about my career (what career?) or compulsively reading Twilight; or more accurately, Breaking Dawn or whatever the hell that last part is called that I need to go buy this evening. No surprises on my decision. Anyway, I am increasingly aggravated by the books, and I am starting to wonder if I will never again encounter a writer who can really write a series. Rowling messed it up so terribly that at least Meyer comes off looking pretty good by comparison. Mostly this is because she is less ambitious; no grand schemes here, only threads carried over from one story to the next. It works out ok. Bella is almost too convincing as a teenager; by which I mean that she, like Harry Potter, ends up grating on my adult nerves. The vampire is a little too good; but oh well, makes for a change from all the wicked ones, I guess. No, the writing is not the best, full of clich├ęs, but who am I to complain, given that I still read all of it ravenously. What really bothers me, however, is not that, but the unexpected plethora of conventional morality in Eclipse. The nice vampire boyfriend wants to get married before the heroine fina-bloody-ly becomes a vampire? Really? And then, in case we hadn’t understood the metaphor, he also refuses to sleep with her until they are married.

It is better than the clusterf*ck that is the moral panorama of Harry Potter, in the sense that at least the values in question are…sane, albeit unhelpful. But still, I am resentful at being snuck up on with these things. Never mind the morality of becoming the undead; being married is what matters.

Footnote to avoid confusion: just in case anybody mistakes my criticisms for actual dislike – I think JK Rowling is a great creative mind, and she must be nice enough to be friends with Stephen Fry; some part of me wishes I were Stephenie Meyer (only the writing part! Not the Mormon part) and I love that she has playlists to go with the books; and I very obviously have no complaints about marriage. My criticisms are a measure of my involvement.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Game over

It is over.

I am so incredibly tired, and I need breakfast. Again. I'd say "Expect updates soon" and you should, but first I need to eat and sleep and then it may take a while for my brain to get back to room temperature.

Yes, I missed you too.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


My friends, tomorrow I am off to the annual brouhaha. I am adequately stocked with books, music, granola bars, embarrassment and schedules. The schedules so I don’t forget to do any of my heap of duties; the food because getting meals can be a challenge, books because a girl needs distraction (other than alcohol; there will be alcohol also); music because singing and shaking along work great as stress relief; and embarrassment because I am bringing both Twilight and Fall Out Boy’s Dance Dance and I am not, in fact, thirteen, or to be accurate, thirteen and well behind the times. On the other hand, screw the embarrassment. I’m an adult. I can be thirteen whenever I like. And boo to you.