Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aren't you glad?

And thusly I resurface, slowly, into reality once more. Vacation is over – and very lovely it was, too, filled with tropical fruit and tropical drinks and people who were really keen on the Spouse (in a platonic, science-related sort of way. I think.) Very nice; so nice, in fact, that returning to base camp I braced myself for impact. It’s ok – it has been fine; fall has set in here and it’s pretty, and cool, and makes me keen on pumpkin soup and hearty dinners. Speaking of which, it’s nice to be cooking for myself again. However, I do have to get up at a ghastly, dark, cold sort of hour, and that has been a little traumatic. No matter. That’s why we have coffee. Or rather, it is why we would have coffee if I could be bothered to get up in time to make real, good coffee so I don’t have to drink the radioactive sludge available in the world at large. What I really need, then, is Costa Rican espresso beans covered in dark chocolate.

No time for a slow start – yesterday was my first development committee meeting, a terrifying prospect if you are, as I am, entirely bereft of leadership qualities and fundraising ideas. Unfortunately/fortunately I am the sort of person who, when asked a question, and without compelling reason to say no, will say yes.

There is much to catch up on, much to do – and really all I want is to make soup, drink tea and read. And watch season two of Dr. Who. Catch up on House.

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Sounds like a great time! and welcome back!

Hear you about cooking for self again-when I a vacation, yes it's nice not to have to cook but after a bit I get tired of eating 'restauranty'kind of food and can't wait to make my own stuff.
mmm to Costa Rican esprsso!