Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Illustrative of my tendency towards belated posting

Why I am

It’s a cold, rainy Friday and that could be bad, but instead it just seems like an excuse to stay home, have tea and make soup. And watch Dr. Who of course. Not that that is what I have planned – in fact it is a fairly action-packed weekend. Tonight will, at least, be mostly spent indoors; after I run a few errands I just need to spend time preparing for the board retreat tomorrow. Then tomorrow is an earlyish start, pick up a few things, then off to the retreat until lunchtime. Then shopping (after two weeks away and a week with time for only the barest minimum of shopping, the fridge is exceedingly empty) and in the evening, yes, the Tragically Hip are in town! I do like them, and potentially will be happy to brave the Awful Weather for them. Sunday, who knows.

So I kind of feel like an impersonator – individual impersonating an adult, a professional. Someone with a marriage, a job, season tickets, a board to sit on.

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