Saturday, January 09, 2010


I have no reason to feel optimistic. Actually, I don’t like feeling optimistic about things; too much like thin ice. Still, I find myself seeing ways out of the Beckett box*. I don’t know where the optimism is coming from, what with the weight of obligation and the general going-to-hellness of the world. I blame Whil Wheaton and Jukebox the Ghost, blame them for the strange dangerous exuberance, blame them for the early January careless, carefree TDEC. I’m turning thirty-one soon, and in three years I will have to forego my foolish way and repent for my youthful sins and be a real adult. Better make the most of it.

Meanwhile I am watching CES coverage – we really are living in the future.

*When I was in college, a guest lecturer on Samuel Beckett described him as drawing a square on the floor, and then exclaiming that he was imprisoned. It is a great description of Beckett, but also of the many ways in which we imprison ourselves with the everyday. Hence the Beckett box.


Anonymous said...

what happens in three years?

TDEC said...

Long ago I said that at 34 I would have to renounce my foolish ways, get it out of my system and be an adult. Things may have to be burned.