Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long may I be a sentimental fool

Ah, time for a list I say, and some reader input, if you don’t mind. The list is the list of fictional character crushes, not to be confused with actor crushes. To illustrate: I love Mal Reynolds, the fictional captain of Serenity in Firefly, and while Nathan Fillion is welcome to darken my doorstep any time he pleases, I don’t actually fancy him. Not as much as I fancy Mal anyway.

Here goes, in no particular order:

Mal Reynolds: as mentioned. For being a magnificent, funny and pragmatic update to the Tightly Wound Man. And for looking great in tight pants.

Severus Snape: do I really need to explain? Even in spite of Alan Rickman (sorry, Alan) and his brilliant attempts to ruin the character.

The Wizard Howl: from when I first saw him in the movie version of Howl’s Moving Castle to the last page of the book, he is enchanting, funny, pompous, vain, cowardly and utterly charming.

The Doctor: Specifically the 9th and 10th incarnations. They are most welcome to take me anywhere. Non-Doctor Christopher Eccleston isn’t nearly as sexy, and David Tennant just sounds funny. Sorry. For once the Scottish accent does not enhance the sexy.

Actually, scratch that “in no particular order”. The Doctor – and much as I love Nine, and in spite of the fact that he was my first Doctor, that means Ten – is the winner here. There is a reason why I am distraught over his demise. Just now, I was listening to a Doctor Who audiobook*. All of it was read by David Tennant, who’s a lovely voice actor. I was listening along, meandering through the story, when the story does its thing, wheels around and shines its light on the Doctor. Tennant picks up the Doctor’s voice, and like a hotpad on a sore back, it makes me smile. There’s my Doctor. Screw David Tennant (well, actually…), it’s the Doctor who has my heart (oh you boys with glasses...). Not exactly in safe keeping by the way, and thank you for nothing, Russell T Davies. Speaking of RTD, I will now refer to him only as Russell F Davies. “F” here stands for “Fucking”, both as an expression of my anger, and also to acknowledge that, boy, does he ever love to write about sex.

Anyhoo. Congrats, dear Ten, you shall be my one and only Doctor, though I will watch Eccleston and Smith and the lot of them gladly and fondly, I’m sure. You are the winningest, even dead.

We have suffered such a loss**.

*I had to find something to stem the bleeding. The blood was getting everywhere, and my socks were wet. Kudos to for referring me to Alpha Mummy; and thanks to Alpha Mummy for making me laugh and for the audiobook idea. I now have two more hours of David Tennant and the 10th Doctor. W00t. And I don’t feel quite so alone in the universe.

** Hah! Gratuitous reference to In the Bleak Midwinter. Also watching Torchwood; which I think counts as masochism.



I love visiting/reading your blog!!It's like the Gump choc box :)-- a fascinating & entertaining read and you put so much into it(specially w/t links).

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and idly read a few bits, you know, whilst thinking "I really should be working now". Then I just, you know, casually clicked on a link ("screw David Tennant (well actually...)) and you bugger, I wasn't expecting that! You can't just go sticking images like that where someone might bump into them! It was like someone slapped me, I need to go have a cold shower now (and then come back and work out how to weasel that delicious image into my own blog!). So, well, er, thanks :) You made my day. You devil.

TDEC said...

@Francesca - why thank you - you know I love Stone Parliament, and glad to see the comments are back!

@disobedientchild - muhaha, yes indeed, you should know that David Tennant is never harmless...I need to see him as Casanova...but am slightly afraid. Also, your blog is quite wonderful, especially the football post.

iwannadodavidtennant said...

i only looked at ur blog coz it said screw davis teenat(well actually). coz i would definately LOVE to screw david tennant!!! :D hes very fit and the scottish accent is super hot and sexy!
ps i luv ur blog aswell