Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You had asked me a while ago "Why Hamlet? Why now?"
Why now is easy: I finally found a version compelling enough to make me really listen.
Why Hamlet? Why indeed...
Because it is all wrong. If you really pay attention, it is a play entirely about the why not, the absence of the usual response. Famously, why does Hamlet not just get on with it? Why does Getrude never act like a mother? Why does Hamlet have so many qualms about killing Claudius, and so few about killing Polonius? Why does he not regret being cruel to Ophelia? Why is he so sensitive and such a beast? Why does Hamlet speak so much of his father's affection for his mother, and yet himself only really shows fear?
And so on, like an infinite puzzle, forever drawing the eye.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle yet? It's based on Hamlet, but with a mute kid and dogs. It's seriously awesome. And it's better if you've just finished Hamlet.