Friday, March 12, 2010


It didn’t take Fahrenheit 451 to engender the idea of being a book, but it helped. Today, the book is The Master & Margarita; full of insanity, changes of tone, sudden inspiration and random failure. You have to fear the Hamlet days (when everyone dies and the Norwegians take over); so I’ll take M&M, one of my most loved books. The central idea of the book – maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but given that I usually get stuck at “fabulous”, it is unlikely – is that the devil, working evil, often ends up with good instead.

“I am part of the power which forever wills evil and forever works good."

I can’t render it well, but Bulgakov illustrates it beautifully. If I can convince one person to read this one book I will be happy. Here’s another recommendation: if you do read it, please obtain Gabriel Rios’ outstanding album Ghostboy. It is the perfect soundtrack, full of bones, upbeat rhythms, mermaids and voodoo dolls. Rios, for you non-Belgians* is Puerto Rican by birth, but in every other sense is ours. We are happy to have him. Actually, check out Broad Daylight or some such thing on the webs, and if you like it, read The Master & Margarita and buy Ghostboy. Deal?

*You know, those people who ask me at parties if I’m sure that there is no such language as Belgian. Yes. I am quite sure.

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