Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Early to rise

Healthy, well, sort of, but certainly not wealthy or wise, especially. I have coffee though, fragrant freshly brewed coffee, and a side of matitudinal insanity.

Yesterday I was on the bus home and as we made our way to our miscellaneous homes, I watched the rain and the gleaming asphalt. I like rain; but I liked it especially yesterday. Always the best excuse for a cup of tea, yesterday's rain was also a harbinger of spring, coming as it did after much snow. And now, this morning, I can hear the birds. It's hard not to let it cheer you up, though memories of wet asphalt are usually more likely to propel me into my avant la lettre emo days (weren't teenagers always emo?).

Asphalt world, anyone?

My, I am getting sentimental in my adult years.


Anonymous said...

danku hartje,
luid meekwelen heeft mijn dag helemaal goedgemaakt!
pan x

TDEC said...

Ja, goed he, ik herontdek ze helemaal!