Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok, you can kick me.

“Take home legendary Doctor Who with this life-size standup! The Doctor measures over 6 feet tall and is mounted to heavy duty cardboard. The standup comes to you folded and is easily assembled. This standup is great for mounting to a wall or door, or it can be displayed free standing with the included easel.”

*dissolves into helpless giggles*

WANT. If only for the pun-perhaps-intended explanation. And then I would have to buy a whole set (Nine, Jack, Rose and Donna perhaps? I wonder if they do Tom Baker ones? No, Tom Baker could, according to his wishes –really!- be a garden gnome lurking in the background) and then spend my days perfecting my skills as a ventriloquist and never leave the house EVER AGAIN. Except to get more yarn to crochet Benders. And maybe this.

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