Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The end of civilisitation

Waffles. You can’t go wrong with waffles, right?

Only you can. The AVAM’s only marginally edible waffles were bad enough – but making a lovely, delicious, authentic Liege waffle, and then putting brie, basil and bacon on it is wrong. Yes, I take issue with it morally. Especially when somebody the puts a teeny Belgian flag on this monstrosity*.

No. You hear me? I don’t care if you’re in Seattle, you will knock it off now. Do we understand one another? Yes? Good. Now give me a proper, unadulterated waffle. Maybe with chocolate.

*Sorry, no photo. Couldn't find it again. Hope this means they have burnt it.

1 comment:

perelaar said...

Entirely right - this is a deliberate attack on Belgian culinary tradition, and Seattle is no excuse. Smother them with fries (Belgian fries!) and praliné stuffing! Or else we will send politicians over to bore them to death - quite some are unemployed here for the moment :)