Monday, May 17, 2010

Now that the weekend is over, here is your early-morning flashback to Friday

The voices in my head

It’s Friday and I can’t get my mind off sweet comfort – whatever form it takes in my funny, misplaced brain. The soundtrack is Bitter:Sweet and maybe some Goldfrapp – think Dirty Laundry and Black Cherry – music best heard over a cocktail in a blue-lit bar with an almost invisible dancefloor; the voices are your pick of Sam West, David Tennant when he does Shakespeare, or James Marsters. The images are from this isn’t happiness.

And the motto? The motto is Brel’s La chanson de Jacky: if I could be – for an hour only – beautiful and stupid both...

Shame that the odds of my going clubbing tonight are exactly zero, though it would be lovely to show up to work the next morning in smudged make-up and a slightly torn sequined mini-dress.

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