Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have at least four really great ideas for blog posts and not enough energy to do them. But here is one vague stab at one that occurred to me earlier. I was reading about the budget cuts in Britain. Now, I dislike a Tory government as much as the next person but while reading this made me angry, it also made me feel sane. It was, after all, what I would expect of a conservative government. It is consistent with conservative values: smaller government, cuts in education, science and the arts; most of all, they are actually trying hard to balance the budget. And I feel about that much like I feel about Margaret Thatcher - I disagree with the policy, but I value that it is, at least, consistent. No extra spending on defense, and yes, even a tax hike for some higher income families. So they can balance the budget. It's a close to respecting the Tories I have come in a long time. Except then I remember that they are after the BBC, and anyone who threatens the BBC will be slapped with a wet towel repeatedly. No, you may not.

I'm with Mitch Benn on this. Did I mention Doctor Who?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


My yoga teacher - when I did yoga - used to say that it was all practice. What he meant was that in yoga, as in life, it is more productive to work towards improvement than towards a fixed set of goals. Fixed goals do only limited good. They provide focus, but do not allow for the setbacks which all of us find every now and then. Not a very flexible model. Moreover, being goal-oriented draws attention away from the biggest part of the enterprise - the way in which you get there. Does it make you a happier human? A kinder one? A more fulfilled one? No? Maybe you're doing it wrong, if you'll excuse the lolcat reference. To quote a favourite obscure poet, "balance is the biggest part of movement"

Have a lovely evening.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


As in: things you do to be interesting
Like read the New York Times, and Jon Krakauer books. Makes for good conversation. Making good conversation is important in life.

As in: raising one eyebrow. Fascinating...

As in: euphemism for you've bored me now I'm too polite to say something about it, to complain that I don't want to see any more pictures.

As in: no, really, it is interesting. I am interested.

I am mostly interested in tea, sleep and books this evening, and therefore of interest only to myself this evening. Have a lovely one, my friends. I am too incoherent to do more today.