Saturday, November 27, 2010

So long, and thanks for all the pecan pie

Post-Thanksgiving there is a brief lull which is mostly given to the eating of leftovers and pie. It is a lovely lull, perhaps even better than the excellent event itself. I have been long overdue for a break in the persistent cloud cover of crazy, so I am grateful, very grateful, for that. In fact, I have much to be grateful for - much love and support above and beyond. Yet today I am mostly grateful for the opportunity to sit down and do nothing. Play Robot Unicorn Attack -not even any reading of my Most Excellent and Learned Tome.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


One of the really double-edged swords of adulthood is a love of comfort/a dislike of being inconvenienced. Having the resources to achieve comfort is a wonderful thing, and I cherish it, but if it makes me reluctant to go camping or try something new, then all is not well. I hate changing plans (and planes, for that matter). South America seems too dangerous to me. Australia is very far. India would require too much language learning. Even Germany feels kind of bothersome. I am too young to be this unadventurous.

Time to bring out the old penguin trick:

Ramón: [standing ontop of a cliff, trying to get ready to jump off]
Ramón: I can do this, I can do this... I have to trick myself.
[points at something behind him]
Ramón: Boy, look at that!
[looks at where he's pointing]
Ramón: What?
[falls off the cliff]

Thank you, Happy Feet.

That said, I still love my only-mediumly-famous famous people; my days of standing in the rain for six hours for anyone (hello there Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs – not even that famous; or that attractive*) are most definitely at an end. Besides, the mediumly famous are usually nicer; and these days niceness in the face of fame seems so much more impressive to me than glamour**.

*Not to knock Greg Dulli, but he ain’t no (pre-cheese-farm-wedded-bliss) Alex James
**If I want glamour, there’s always Shah Rukh Khan’s filmography. Singing! Dancing! Political overtones! Why is it that Bollywood is so inherently more glamourous than anything else? It has an unabashed love of the kitschy-yet -pretty, the hackneyed-yet-charming that I find especially appealing just at the moment.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Field hockey

Which I was offered many chances to play once upon a time. I don't regret not playing it; I seem to recall it involved rather a lot of bruised shins. Instead I watched Chak De India, a field hockey/Indian version of my beloved Bend it like Beckham, which is another movie about an underdog women's team in a sport I don't care about overmuch, sporting a coach shown to best advantage in white shirts. I recommend it. Especially to the Spouse, who wishes I played field hockey, and who will have to remain disappointed in that wish.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Backstory: a few weeks ago, I wrapped up a crazy week by going to a Bollywood party some friends had invited me to. I had a great time, but spent far too much time being glued to the miscellaneous screens, trying to follow the movie. Upon investigation, it turned out to be Om Shanti Om, I netflixed it, and my, what a romp.

Happy TDEC: *swinging happily to the freshly purchased soundtrack*
Reflective TDEC: It’s annoying that I can’t sing along. And that I have no idea of the background of any of this.
HTDEC: Mmm, sure, but think of the fun! The outrageous costumes! The dancing! The men whose masculinity is not diminished by shiny outfits and ruffles
RTDEC: Ok, sure, but what if some Indian person caught me listening to this. I’d look like a tool
HTDEC: RTDEC, who cares? Besides, what are you planning to do? Drive by Indian shops blasting Deewangi Deewangi?
RTDEC: I'd look stupid, wouldn’t I? Like a wannabe?
HTDEC: It’s a song, woman, not a statement
RTDEC: Can’t it be both?
HTDEC: You are being just like when we were fifteen and on vacation in the UK and you refused to speak English for fear of sounding foreign
RTDEC: I am self-conscious now
HTDEC: Will you just SHUT UP already? I am trying to enjoy the song. Look at the screen. The guy is wearing a pirate costume for no reason at all. Can’t you just be grateful?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

More blood, please?

It must be the time of year or the election, but it's Wednesday evening and I'm watching Being Human - a ghost, a werewolf and vampire combo deal - reading Sunshine in print - more vampires - and listening to The Eyre Affair. I'm trying to remember whether that last one has any vampires but I'm getting mixed up. Do you think there's a theme here?

Only Sunshine is really convincing me just at the moment, because it has vampires and cinnamon buns, and how can you go wrong with that? Being Human just kind of disappoints me, mainly because the vampire sort of looks like Aidan Gillen but isn't actually him. How very superficial of me, I know, but for now I have put my serious death and suffering (Under the Banner of Heaven) aside for some light death. The Eyre Affair certainly has plenty of that, vampires or not - and yes, I just remembered, it does actually have both werewolves and vampires, though not a lot of either. I swear I am not doing this on purpose. Well, it does make me forget about the Democrats for a while, and that must be good. The time travel/werewolf/vampire thing will distract you. You know what this evening needs? It needs a unizombie. I mean a zombie/unicorn hybrid, you know, undead, shiny, good hair.

Fuck, it's Edward Cullen, isn't it?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Epic fail

You know, these days I am so careful about what I write on teh interwebs that I hardly get to write anything fun. This morning, however, I am too angry to care. Really, this country deserves better than this ship o' fools. I just watched the Democrats - the people who are quite as bad at living up to their supposed values as the Republicans - lose one of the biggest advantages in history, in spite of the best Republican efforts to shoot themselves in the foot (hello Christine O'Donnell!). I don't blame the Republicans. They do their thing. No; me, I am angry with the Democrats for failing utterly to make what is a pretty simple case, so that they could at least lose on merit rather than on sheer inanity. How about "we made it so that people can't be excluded from healthcare based on existing conditions" ? How about "we actually lowered taxes for the middle class"? But the Dems lived up to their rule of the last two years: all pussyfooting and lack of message. These are the same people who can't get out of their own way on popularly supported issues like the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Sigh. What morans. For a moment there, they had a message. And then then they got distracted by a shiny thing.