Thursday, November 04, 2010

More blood, please?

It must be the time of year or the election, but it's Wednesday evening and I'm watching Being Human - a ghost, a werewolf and vampire combo deal - reading Sunshine in print - more vampires - and listening to The Eyre Affair. I'm trying to remember whether that last one has any vampires but I'm getting mixed up. Do you think there's a theme here?

Only Sunshine is really convincing me just at the moment, because it has vampires and cinnamon buns, and how can you go wrong with that? Being Human just kind of disappoints me, mainly because the vampire sort of looks like Aidan Gillen but isn't actually him. How very superficial of me, I know, but for now I have put my serious death and suffering (Under the Banner of Heaven) aside for some light death. The Eyre Affair certainly has plenty of that, vampires or not - and yes, I just remembered, it does actually have both werewolves and vampires, though not a lot of either. I swear I am not doing this on purpose. Well, it does make me forget about the Democrats for a while, and that must be good. The time travel/werewolf/vampire thing will distract you. You know what this evening needs? It needs a unizombie. I mean a zombie/unicorn hybrid, you know, undead, shiny, good hair.

Fuck, it's Edward Cullen, isn't it?

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