Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The face of the earth

Is overrated. Personally, I would like to recommend a nice fallout shelter with food, booze, all those books I have but have not read, the collected Doctor Who and all of Shahrukh Khan’s movies. Give me the winter months and I bet I can come up with some really good crossovers (you know that RFD would have approved of a singing, dancing, besequined Doctor). Because really, what is winter but a succession of errands and obnoxious music followed by an extra dose of cold? (Why yes, I am all in black today. Black is what I wear on the outside because black is what I feel on the inside. With a purple cardigan and blue scarf I am managing to look both cheerful and bruised)

Also, I am old. I was just looking for a good picture of Shahrukh Khan in sequins* – surprisingly hard to find, given how many shiny, spangly costumes he wears – and happened across some fairly revealing shots. I made a little noise, covered my eyes, and thought, ah, my, that is quite indecent**.

*You're welcome. You now also have Deepika Padukone in a princess Leia bra
**And, frankly, a little gay, even with the women.

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