Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love letter to oatmeal, and They Might Be Giants

Saturday morning and I am determined not to think to much. It has been a very thinking sort of week. One with, to steal a metaphor, too many penguins on the ice floe. I shall just blog badly. It's ok, I have a headache.

Oatmeal is the breakfast of champions, especially when you're reading about zombies at the same time. I am reading Boneshaker and it is not great for my appetite right at the moment. Too many grey fingers, you know? Oatmeal, then, with some slivered almonds on top, seems like exactly the kind of food that would keep you for turning into a zombie. Not so red meat, you know.

They Might Be Giants, now. Third time I've seen them in the last two years and I am at this point not entirely sure why. Their new album, Join Us, isn't that exciting, and I keep wishing for them to sing What is a shooting star? and New York City which never fails to make me feel like I did the first time I got on a plane to see the then-prospective-boyfriend-now-lawfully-wedded-husband. Without these songs, it's such gratuitous disappointment. I think I would love them if I didn't know them at all, but instead I am Spoiled by Expectation. Sock puppets! Glitterballs! The sock puppets are still my favourite. Especially when they sing What is a shooting star.

Ok friends, time for TDEC to be Productive!

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