Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sometimes, I'll be watching some movie or tv series and some heroine will catch my eye. Say this one. For a moment I'll think - oh - what I would do to be pretty.

It's such a primal thing. I am perfectly decent-looking. I have a life I have worked very hard for and really value; I've a husband I wouldn't swap for Nathan Fillion* (what is about men who look good in high-waisted trousers?), a loving family and friends, enough money to do the stuff that really matters. I have, at different times, happiness.

And yet...

Like Brel, in La Chanson de Jacky -
"Être une heure une heure seulement
Être une heure une heure quelquefois
Être une heure rien qu'une heure durant
Beau beau beau et con à la fois"

Oh, to be pretty and stupid for only an hour...

The perfect song about wanting what you don't want...

*I'm having a little Firefly relapse at the moment. Follow the link. It has fish.

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